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As the search engines constantly evolve and improve their algorithms, and as SEO Link Building Experts across the world constantly test and tweak their campaigns for maximum results, so we find that the process of SEO link building itself constantly changes as some sources of links are given more emphasis and others less.

Unfortunately, there is a range of SEO Link Building Experts out there who haven’t changed and adapted their own strategies based on the latest SEO research and surprisingly these individuals giving out often misleading, out-dated or downright dangerous advice are often some of the most vocal in the marketplace.

I thought, therefore, it might be useful to gather many of these SEO link building Myths together in one place to try and “put the story straight” once and for all. The following myths are still commonly believed by a huge number of people in our industry and yet the evidence strongly suggests that the following SEO Link Building Tips are just plain fantasy. Take note of them so that you don’t fall into the same traps that many other link builders find themselves in.

You Need X Number Of Links To Get To The Top Of The Search Engines

One common questions when it comes to SEO Link Building Services is quite simply how many links you’ll need to reach the number one spot. Hundreds of new threads are started each day on discussion forums across the internet asking how many links people think a certain website will need to hit the top spot but unfortunately SEO really isn’t this clear-cut.

As you will find during your SEO journey nothing is absolute and everything is relative. Everything depends more on outdoing your competition than on trying to reach a “golden ideal” so this really is a question with no answer. It’s impossible to say that you need a few hundred or a few thousand links.
All you need to do is get better links than your competitors. So you start link building and you keep going until you finally reach that top spot and you don’t stop until then.

Also bear in mind when it comes to link building that there are a huge range of factors that the search engines take into account such as the quality of the links, the link placements, your on-page SEO and a whole host of other elements making it impossible to say definitively how many links you’ll really need.

You Need More Links Than Your Competitors To Outrank Them: All things being equal, if two identical websites were competing for the top of the search engines then it’s highly likely that the site with more incoming links would rank higher. But all things aren’t equal.

As mentioned, the search engines take a whole host of factors into consideration when deciding where to rank websites in their index and the number of links is just one. Some examples of other factors that seem to have an effect include whether the keyword is in the domain name, the age of the website, the quality of the links, social triggers and so on.

These factors can mean that it is possible to outrank other websites with far fewer links if you know what you’re doing. Indeed I have one website at the moment which ranks number one for a very High Traffic Keyword Phrase, beating several very well-known competitors, yet it has less than a dozen links.

If the number of links was vital, it simply wouldn’t rank. But it does.

Sure, in general, more links are certainly better than less, but they’re not the only factor to consider on your journey to SEO domination.

You Can Rank A Website Without Link Building

There are one or two unscrupulous SEO “experts” at the moment selling courses that purport to show you how to rank websites at the top of the search engines without needing to build any links to them at all.

And while in theory, it is possible, it’s high, highly unlikely. No professional SEO link builder would ever assume they’ll be able to rank a site without links so please don’t make that assumption yourself. Link building is an absolute necessity if you’re serious about driving targeted traffic from the search engines for all but the lowliest of keywords.

Link Building Is Easy

It’s a sad fact of life that people naturally look for the easy way out of any situation. And even sadder that the “easy” route is generally quite the reverse.

Getting to the top of the search engines takes time and effort because you’re competing against literally millions of other websites for most keywords that can really make a difference to your bottom line. Many of those sites have been around for years and have massive numbers of links pointing to them so unless you’re going for very Low Competition Keywords you’re unlikely to wake up to a number one ranking and hundreds of free website visitors each day.

So it’s entirely understandable that many website owners try to take the easy route and are sucked into spending cash on methods that promise easy link building. Rather than putting the time into producing a decent number of highly varied links from authority domains they try to jump-start the process by using software and other “automated” tools to quickly build hundreds of links.

Of course, the easier it is to build links in a certain way, the more your competitors are likely to have already done it and the less effective it is therefore likely to be.

No, link building requires effort and focus. Two things that most people try to avoid. Hence the reason for the host of SEO Link Building Services currently available. Some of them offer little or no benefit while others (often the higher priced link building services) often significant results and have impressive pedigrees.

My advice, after 11 years of SEO and link building, is generally to go for a High-Quality SEO Link Building Service that may cost a little more than their competitors but provides the sort of results you’re seeking.

Don’t believe anyone that says link building is easy. If you’re doing it right, it isn;t. Quite the reverse – it’s challenging, it’s hard work and it takes time and/or money. But if you don’t want to do the donkey-work yourself, utilizing SEO Link Building Services will make your life a lot easier.

SEO Link Building Costs A Lot Of Money

Over the years we’ve tested out just about every SEO Link Building Technique going ranging in price from totally free (apart from a little time) up to paying professional link builders $1000+ to create one-way, high-quality links to our network of sites.

What has been interesting is that the cost isn’t always related to the end result. In many cases, of course, you get what you pay for and going for the “budget” option isn’t always the best solution but depending on what keywords you’re targeting getting top rankings doesn’t necessarily have to be overly expensive.

There are some very effective and reasonably-priced SEO Link Building Services available these days which will save you a huge amount of time not just in learning the necessary skills but also in applying them and so even a modest investment (in the right service) can make quite a considerable difference to the results that you’re seeing from your website.

One age-old myth in link building relates to the Google PageRank of the sites that link to yours. Many people still believe that a link from a higher PR site is more beneficial for their search engine rankings than a lower PR link but our own research suggests this really isn;t the case.

Whilst there is a degree of truth in the matter, all is not what it seems. What we need for best rankings are links from high quality, authority sites in a related niche and there is a general correlation between the authority of a site and it’s PR. However, it’s not an absolute rule and should only be used as a guide.

For example, some High DA Link Building Sites have deliberately inflated their PageRank because it’s possible to sell links from some pages for quite a profit. Additionally, it’s possible they may have a high PR because they have built thousands of links from spammy sites and so having them a link to you may lead the search engines to think that in fact, your site is of low quality.

Also remember that PR is only updated occasionally and so it’s entirely possible that a site that appears to have a low PR may, in fact, have a much higher (or lower) PR than the one that you see, but that the figures simply haven’t been updated recently.

So when looking at Link Building Strategies, by all means, take the PR of potential link sources into account but also factor in other elements such as the quality of the information on that site, how authoritative it is, what sorts of sites link to them and so on.

Here Find Some SEO Link Building Site List 2018

Site NameDA
Directory World74
So Much70
R Directory65
T Section62
Free Website Directory60
Vie Search58
1 Abc57
Business Seek53
Directory My Link51
Directory Fire50
Pro Link Directory50
Pedsters Planet50
Gain Web49
Link Book49
The Web Directory49
Scrabble Stop47
Submission 4u47
Suggest URL46
Elite Sites Directory45
1 Webs Directory44
9 Sites44
Synergy Directory43
Wikid Web43
247 Web Directory42
Pi Series41
PR3 Plus41
Nexus Directory39
The Net Directory39
Best Free Websites34
Suggest Site34
Sighber Cafe33
Digg Directory33
10 Directory32
Vision Web Directory32
SEO Free Links29
PR Web Link27
Royal Link Up27
Aditya Webs27
Directory Books26
Leading Link Directory25
Answer Spots25
SEO Up Link25
Good Useful Links23
Vision Web SEO23
UK Listingz22
Web Apps Directory21
Find Website21

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