Best Free SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

Best Free SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is indeed a promising tool which works fine for different kinds of online marketing. SEO Analysis Tools help the users to evaluate and compute the ranking potential of their web pages. It not only evaluates the Meta tags of our web pages, but it also tries to use an equivalent spider technology because of the Search Engine Spiders themselves.

SEO analysis tools analyze the HTTP headers. The length and relevancy of title tags are analyzed by these tools. Description Meta tag’s length and relevance are also getting analyzed by these best seo competitor analysis tools.The number of keywords and the relevance of the keywords Meta tag are also being analyzed by these tools.Robots Meta tag directives can also be analyzed if search engines are permitted to spider the page. This is made possible because of SEO analysis tools.Most relevant keywords and key phrases can also be checked with the help of these tools.These tools check how the page may be displayed within search engine results.The web pages generally contain internal and external links. They can be checked with the help of these tools.Keywords found in the Anchor tag can be checked with the help of Free SEO analysis tools. Keywords found in the image Alt attributes can also be checked using these tools.These tools help to check page heading and phrase elements.

Benefits of Using Content and SEO Analysis Tools

1.Search Engine Designers, somewhere very close to the year 2000, have realized that some webmasters make extra efforts to rank higher in search engines. Yet a few of them even manipulate their rankings in search engines deliberately by stuffing pages with excessive and unnecessary keywords. Too much of anything is generally not accepted by people. Early search engines such as Altavista and Infoseek tried to prevent webmasters from manipulating their rankings. It is extremely important to prevent such misdeeds which only aim at higher rankings in search engines without having a quality content. Those websites which do a really wonderful job lose their chance of winning a higher ranking because of these malpractices. The virtues should always get the reward they deserve.

2. Getting substantial website review is a must for SEO Businesses to prosper. Almost every field of human activity is digitized in the present day context and more and more people resort to online marketing and shopping. Before they shell out a good amount of money, it is mandatory for those prospective buyers and sellers to go through the reviews put up on various sites. They intently go through the website review, product/service review uploaded by others and then select the best among the lot. The wise investments are always made after getting the second opinion. This strategy must be applicable to all our expenditure.

3.SEO analysis tools are of immense help in getting web pages indexed. Indexed pages are found automatically and in a much easier method than those pages which are linked from other search engines. These tools minimize the manual effort to a bare minimum and then it is easy for us to find the pages we want in different search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo do use what are called crawlers to find pages for their algorithmic search results.

4. SEO techniques may be broadly classified into a white hat and SEO Black Hat Techniques.

  • White hat techniques are those which search engines recommend as good design
  • Black hat techniques are those which search engines do not approve of. The search engines try to minimize the effect of the black hat techniques. SEO analysis tools help in this regard.

5. For a better existence of sites and for online businesses increasing the prominence of a web page within search engines is a crucial thing. Providing cross-links between pages of the same website help in getting more links to the most important pages. It may also increase the visibility of the web page and in turn, of the website. Traffic will be automatically increased. One can update content, add relevant keywords to a webpage’s Metadata, including the title tag, Meta description etc. to improve the relevance of a site and these will also increase the traffic of a website. Therefore, we can say that SEO is not a strategy which is obligatory for every website. But using it for online marketing in the present digitized context will be a wise choice. A successful Online Marketing Campaign would depend on a host of factors of which the marketing strategy is the most prominent criterion.