Natural SEO Content Traffic Vs Paid Listing

Organic vs Paid search Results:  Natural SEO Content Traffic Versus Paid Listing

If you are desperately in need of high traffic to your website there are two ways to obtain high traffic to your websites. While the first method is to optimize your website for major search engines and obtain free targeted traffic, the other way is to pay for the traffic you receive. If you aren’t sure which one to choose, this article will be a perfect guide to choosing your method to increase website traffic.

Organic vs. Paid Search Results

Natural or organic SEO is the process of optimizing your website in every possible way to obtain high rankings in search engines for specific keywords. Website owners that look for low recurring costs while marinating a steady traffic for life prefer natural SEO. The benefits of natural targeted traffic are many. It is wise to choose SEO services, especially if your website is an e-commerce website selling products online or if you like to generate online money through programs like Google’s AdSense.

However, it takes the time to obtain the desired results through natural SEO. Natural SEO involves in optimizing the contents of your website. Apart from search engine traffic, your websites will receive a good amount of traffic through links from relevant sites and other social book markings. Link building is vital for every website in order to get high PageRank and high traffic.

The Difference between Organic and Paid Search Engine Results

When it comes to paid listings, it is best suited for commercial websites that have short term goals. Paid listings will place your website on top of search engines and enable targeted traffic to your websites. However, the conversion rate is not guaranteed and if you aren’t calculative, your expenses will shoot up beyond your limits. But with the help of experts, you can expect a good start for your online business. Once your website is old enough to gain PageRank and desired traffic organically, you can stop spending to get traffic.

Whether you opt for paid traffic or not, you will have to rely on natural SEO and keep promoting your websites as long as you wish to make good money out of your online ventures. If you are bit calculative, you can completely avoid the paid listings and save good money. While companies charge you about $250 to $700 to optimize your website, freelancers can help you obtain your goals with a much lesser sum as they don’t have many overhead charges. You should not forget that natural SEO isn’t a one-time process; it actually is an ongoing process. That is, you will have to pay monthly charges to keep your website at the top for specific keywords.

However, paid listings can help you reach desired targets as soon as you launch your websites for businesses. Whereas, natural SEO will require about 6 months to 1 year before your websites start ranking for desired keywords. It is wise to use the paid services during the early stages of your online businesses at the same time optimize your website for organic searches and enhance your traffic and sales. Only natural SEO has proved to be lucrative in the long run.
Choosing your service provider wisely will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. While most SEO companies are reliable, working with freelancers requires mutual trust. Remember, most of the freelancers either work for SEO companies or former employees of SEO companies. This is why when it comes to quality of SEO services there is little difference between a company service and a freelancer’s. However, there will be a huge difference in the amount charged for the service.