How to Add AdSense Code to Your Website | Tips to Get Adsense Approval

How to Add AdSense |  Google AdSense Alternatives: First sign up for Google AdSense and then do not know how to proceed. They contact my help desk seeking help in adding the AdSense Code to the site.
So here are the steps after you Sign up for Google AdSense.

Step 1  After you sign up for Google AdSense, you will get a message. It goes something like. thanks for signing up for Google Adsense. We will get in touch with you in a day or two. (this is not the exact message)

Step 2 Have patience. Google checks your site or blog where you want to add Google AdSense. Google will make sure that your site has good content worthy of displaying AdSense Ads.
After checking your site Google will send an email to you. The mail will inform you whether your site has been accepted. And there will be a link to the Google AdSense site.
It is the same site where you want to sign up for Google AdSense.

Step 3 While signing up you used an email and selected a password. Enter that in the login page.

Step 4 After you login you will get to a page where you can get your Google AdSense Code

Google AdSense Setup.

Step 5 You will see a page like this. Now click on AdSense for Website Content. Later you can include codes for AdSense for Search and AdSense Referrals.

Step 6 You can earn through referrals and AdSense for Search also. Here we are talking only about AdSense for Content Site.

You click on that and get to a page, where you can choose ad type, format, color, etc. First, you have to choose the ad type. There are text ads, image ads, link ads etc.
For the moment keep it simple and just click on Ad unit and continue. You can see a drop-down menu next to a unit which has more options. At the bottom of the page, you will find a button “continue”. Click on that.

Step 7 You have chosen ad type. Now you have to choose ad format and colors. There are many options. You can play with them later. To begin with choose a simple format, blue title, black text, and URL and insert the code into your blog or site. Later you can change this as many times as you like.You will see a sample on the page. Whatever changes you make you will be able to see the change in the sample.You can see the sample showing the ad title in blue, the text in black and the URL in black. Google also shows some public service ads, if there are no ads available for the keywords of the content on your site. You do not get paid any money for public service ads. So there is an option whether you want to show public service ads or not. I have chosen blank space and chosen the color for that as white.Now click on continue. ( Go to the page where you want to sign up.)

Step 8 After you click continue you get a page where you can add a channel. You can add the title of your site there. You can also have more than one channel for one site.

Step 9 When you click continue in the previous step you will get to the final step. You have to just copy the code (do not worry you don’t have to understand HTML, javascript). Just copy the whole code.

Step 10 Go to your blog or website and add this code in the body of the webpage.It should be after It should be before  – this slant/line in HTML shows that feature has ended.If you are using Microsoft Frontpage you can just put aa in the place where you want the ad to be. Click on Source, find where that aa is, delete it and copy Google Adsense Code. Go back to the page and preview it. For a Video tutorial on Microsoft Frontpage go to Courses U Seek website.Check here how the AdSense looks on my site and blogs. For the websites, I use a website builder that makes it very easy to add the AdSense code. I need not add it to each page. I just enter the code once and it adds it automatically to all pages. I can change the ad format and color just by one click of the mouse.For blogs, I use the new blogger that has page elements and drag and drop facility.To add it in the blog is very easy. The new blogger has page elements, where you can add Google AdSense.

High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives In 2018

Think about How many times have you applied for Google AdSense account and not accepted?
There are a lot of ad networks alternate Google AdSense. AdSense is still the best Advertising Network. But I believe ‘Something is better than nothing’.  Here we Provide some AdSense alternatives 2018-18. If you are one of them who didn’t get approved by AdSense or got banned by AdSense, then you can try the following best google alternative ad networks. You can also use these networks along with AdSense to increase your revenue.

Here is the list of AdSense Alternatives (2018) that are similar to Google AdSense.

Alternatives Ad TypesMin. Payment Targeted Text
$100 (Paypal/Wire)
BidVertiserTargeted Text
Banner Ads
Mobile Ads
$10 (Paypal/Payza)
InfolinksIn text
In Search
In Tag
$50 (PayPal, Wire, eCheck, WU)
Amazon AssociatescRecommend. Ads
Search Ads
Custom Ads
$10 (Gift Certificate)
$100 (Check)
$20 (PayPal, ACH, Check, or Wire)
VigLinkVigLink Anywhere
VigLink Convert
VigLink Insert
No Minimum!
ShareASaleAffiliate Network$50 (Check/Direct Deposit)
BuySellAds Banner Ads $20 (Paypal)
$50 (Check)
$500 (Wire Transfer)
Propeller AdsPopUnder Ads
Mobile Ads
Banner Ads
$50 (Paypal)
$100 (Payoneer)
$500 (Wire Transfer)
ChitikaTargeted Text
$10 (Paypal)
$50 (Check)
SkimlinksSkimlink Links$10 (Paypal)
AdsterraDisplay Banners
Direct Links
$100 (Paypal/Payza/Bitcoin)
Qadabra Banner Ad
Slider Ad
$1 (Paypal)
$20 (Payoneer)
$500 (Wire)
KonteraInline Text Links
$50 (PayPal/Wire/Cheque)