How to Make Christmas Tree


You want to create paper Christmas tree this Christmas. For creating simple and beautiful paper Christmas Tree for this Christmas season. This Christmas tree is very simple and easy. You can easily customized this tree different type of color and embellishments. By using this tips you and your child can create own Christmas tree at home which is different from other Christmas tree. For creating this Christmas tree simple you need paper.

Material Needs:-

Colored Cardstock Paper
Star Foam Stickers
Glue Stick
Tacky Glue or Hot Glue Gun
Embellishments (circle stickers, small poms, sequins, craft gems)


1. First, you need sheets of colored cardstock paper take a print out of tree craft and cut out six Paper Christmas trees.

2. After that, you have to Fold all six paper of Christmas trees in half. Then Use a glue on it to add glue to one of the folded paper of a Christmas tree. Now attach another paper of folded half onto the glue, make sure aligning the pieces together. You have added continue gluing and adding the Christmas tree paper until all the six are attached. Then add glue on two ends of Christmas tree and attach them together with another to finish forming the Christmas tree.

3. Now you have to Peel off the one of your foam star stickers and place where you want to toothpick onto Christmas tree. After that peel off the backing of another foam of star sticker and place it on the toothpick now you have to align it up with the other foam star stick as you want. after all the process Place some glue on a toothpick at the end of it and place it on the top of the Christmas tree.

4. Now Finish your making of Christmas tree by adding embellishments to your Christmas tree all around a different section of the tree. It totally depends on you how to you are creative at home with; sequins, small poms, craft gems or circle stickers.


I show you how to look your Christmas tree you can create it with a different color of embellishments.