Bharat Gas Booking

[highlight]Bharat Gas Booking | How to Book Bharat Gas Online, Offline[/highlight]

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is known as Bharat Gas, Its come under the Government of India. BPCL is a Navratna certified company They supplying Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) since the 1950’s under the erstwhile Burmah Shell Company. This Company was later nationalized of Bharat Petroleum, which is main supplier LPG Gas of the country’s petroleum-related products, form aviation fuel to household cooking gas.

[highlight]Bharat Gas[/highlight] is the most trusted brand when it comes to the LPG. Due to its diligence and rigorous security procedures in every field. Every stage of the process is checked thoroughly, This company is the best and most secure cylinders and apparatus are provided to the consumer.

Another benefit of using [highlight]Bharat Gas[/highlight] products this company is vast distribution network all over the country. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) Customers can take facilities from over 4000 distributors and suppliers in all India, making it easy for every customer to gain access to the most essential of household products like cooking gas.

The [highlight]Bharat Gas company[/highlight] also provides assistance round the clock to all its consumers for any issue related to its products, Issue may be big or small. The quality of services service has contributed to helping Bharat Gas when it comes to LPG Gas supply all over the India.

[highlight]How to Book Bharat Gas Online and Offline[/highlight]

[highlight]Bharat Gas[/highlight] refills can be the book both type online and the offline customer can choose which type of they want online or offline.

Bharat Gas refills bookings can be done by online through the ebharatgas portal or through telephone and SMS another option is visiting the local distributor of Bharat Gas as well as using a mobile application.

[highlight]Online Bharat Gas Booking[/highlight]

Bharat Gas customers online book their refill cylinders 27X7 from anywhere. But they have to do is register first time for the service online. Customers can be done through the following steps:

First Log onto then click on the new user tab after the enter all details required (name and mobile number).
Users who have not already registered their phone numbers Bharat Gas they can download an application form and update their all details.
On entering the details, an SMS will be sent to the registered number with a sign in details.
Then customer Sign in to the account on the website With all details and then select the My LPG tab, where Customers will find an option to book a Gas cylinder, Register for the LPG subsidy etc.
Customers have to Enter the delivery details such as the delivery date and time.
You will receive a confirmation number of the order which was done by you.

[highlight]Offline Bharat Gas Booking[/highlight]

Customers can [highlight]Book Bharat Gas cylinders offline[/highlight] as well. There are a number of ways to do so, as listed below:

[highlight]Bharat Gas Online Booking Number[/highlight]

StatesIVRS number
DIU & DAMAN9409056789
JAMMU & KASHMIR9419256789
WEST BENGAL9433056789

[highlight]Bharat Gas Booking Through SMS:[/highlight]

Bharat Gas Booking Through IVRSThe Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). This system customer can be used to book their Gas cylinders in a quick, convenient and easy way. This system can be used 24 X7.

The risk of you Gas cylinder not booking is negated since the IVRS system use for booking Gas cylinder, This system immediately issued the booking confirmation and booking number to the customer.

There are no extra costs include it, Customers will receive a confirmation of Gas booking or not. Which customers already register their mobile number through the services the customer will receive a confirmation SMS.

Customers can book Gas cylinder through IVRS system, First, you have to register your phone or mobile number with your local LPG distributor near at you.

Customers can do this easily by doing fill a form which is taken from website. Fill all the details required and hand over the form at the distributor’s office which is near at your home.
After that customer will receive a call or an SMS confirming for your registration.

Once the customer has registered, Customers have called the IVRS system for your particular state and make your Gas Cylinder Booking. Then You will receive an order confirmation over the phone, or an SMS through IVRS system if the customer has registered their mobile number.

[highlight]Bharat Gas Booking Through SMS:[/highlight]

you can book your [highlight]Bharat Gas refill cylinders through SMS services[/highlight]. This service is provided by the provider only which customer who live in metro cities like (Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune) and state capitals. By using SMS services you can book your Gas refill cylinders by Sending a single SMS wherever they are, This process is very easy for every customer and hassle-free. Customers will also receive an order confirmation SMS and Gas booking number. After that another SMS receive once Gas Cylinder has been delivered.

To avail this service, All the customers will have to register their number with their local Bharat Gas distributor in their area.

If you want to register your phone number visit your local LPG distributor in your area and fill out the form and submit it to distributor office. The user can easily download from website and print the same, which is to be submitted to the local Bharat Gas LPG distributor.

Once your registration has done, please follow the below steps to book your refill Gas:

Send LPG to 57333. Customers with Airtel, Vodafone, MTNL, Idea, and Tata will have to send the SMS to 52725.
Customer will receive a confirmation SMS with the booking reference number after booking is complete.
When cylinder delivery, you will receive another SMS confirming for delivery Gsa cylinder and date/time mention on it.
In this way, customers are assured of delivery and can also keep track of their Gas bookings.

[highlight]Bharat Gas Booking Through Mobile Application (for Android and iPhone):[/highlight]

Customers can also [highlight]Book Bharat Gas Cylinder[/highlight] use a mobile application. Customers who own an Android or iOS smartphone they have to download and install the [highlight]Bharatgas app[/highlight].

Once you downloaded the app in your phone, they will have to activate it. The activation process is explained below:

The following details have to be entered:

1. Distributor code
2. Consumer number
3. Mobile number
4. On entering these details, click submit.
5. Then An activation code will be sent via SMS to your register mobile number. This code is to be entered to activate the app.
6. On activation, every customer will have to choose a security code to be inputted. This code has to be inputted each time the app is used.
7. After activation, customers can book a refill, and will receive details such as the reference number on booking

You can also monitor your bookings and payment history Of [highlight]Gas Booking using the app[/highlight].

[highlight]Bharat Gas Booking Through Dealer:[/highlight]

Another option you can book you Gas by visiting the dealer and placing an order. To locate your local dealer’s address, you can visit the Bharat Gas website, which contains a list of all the distributor in each state and Union Territory. The customer has to provide his/her Consumer number, name as well as the address to the dealer.