Top 5 Online Marketing Tips

Top 5 Online Marketing Tips 

Everybody is talking about Online Marketing but there are a few people we are doing right online marketing and having the juice of online.

My friends living in New York was searching for SEO Company in New York.

Just I called him and asked, “What are you doing?”

He said I am searching good SEO Companies in New York but I am not able to find out a trustworthy Online Marketing Company.

I asked why are searching “seo company in New York”?

He said I also want to see my website on first-page ranking but I don’t have much money to spend on that.  

I said if your budget is very low so don’t search for seo company even you can do this online marketing on your own if you are familiar with internet browsing and some social networking websites.

He said yes dude I have knowledge of internet browsings and Social Networking Websites like,,, and Google+, in fact, i have already created my profile.

He was very happy to chat on phone with me. I shared a few points which I am describing below,

“You also can read the below points if you find suitable for you please come through and breakthrough your anticipation”

#1: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing plays very significant role in Online Marketing. This is a place where you interact with millions of folks at one time. You can share your ideas in a second and get result oriented feedback. To do Social Media Marketing below are being given some points lease come through & breakthrough your objective: Create Account in with,,,, etc and build your profile and share your unique content with your circle and friends.Engage with people as much as possible and give quality information what really they need.Share your content in a graphical way and ask for feedback and answerCreate a good contest so as people pay their attention to your contest.Write some article on business, products or services.

#2: Content Writing & Marketing

Don’t forget ever that “Content is King”  it can give you reward and it can give you a penalty. You have to always write your own content which is very exclusive and not copied from others. Write your content and share with several high traffic websites.

#3 Email Marketing

If your budget is not for bulk mailing you can send 500 emails every day by your,, or by your official email id like [email protected] Create a database on the internet of your target industry and do it daily basis. You will get good calls and business 100%.

#4 Google Adwords (PPC)

You want to do Online Marketing Business on your own so you can go with Google AdWords. It is a paid marketing where you can promote your business website and reach to folks within 24 hrs. Go to and go through some tutorial on Google Adwords and make the payment through your Net Banking or credit card. Done your ads will be live and ready to take calls for your business.

#5 Blog Commenting

Search blogs and articles related to your industry and target audience read that and comment but make sure it should not be fake. It must at least 5 lines and two paragraph. It should be which make any sense so as blog owner could approve your comment. And put some hyperlink to your website. You will get several traffic and visit your website likewise your website popularity will be increased gradually. Likewise, you will be visible on the first page of reputed search engines.

Hence, as per my best knowledge of information are I share with you. Please share this article with others and give your feedback