How to Get a Million and More Views on YouTube

How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos | Get a million hits | YouTube Channel

Is it possible to get one million or more views on YouTube videos?

Absolutely. There are many YouTubers who are producing various categories of video content such as entertainment, sports, product marketing, music and so on. Even though the idea of becoming a YouTube performer never seemed attractive to me, there are people who are actually good at it. Ray William Johnson and Anna are my favorites in video blogging providing commentary on shocking or controversial viral videos in a smart and classy way.  It takes some skills and experience to make a joke and feel empathetic for angry or sad people at the same time. This is how Ray developed truly multidimensional voice delivering a message to the public. 

How to Get More Views, Hits on YouTube in 2018

There are some good news for YouTubers: according to the RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Mahaney, advertisers paid an estimated $4 billion for the YouTube ads in 2012. He is predicting the site will attract $5 billion in ad dollars this year. However, for many other users who are using the ad-revenue sharing program, the payout has been disappointing.
There are thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube each day (estimates between 10-65,000 videos per day). This affect advertisers pay since being on popular videos is decreased by about one-third since 2012. Since type of ads shown depends on content, advertisers point out that a lot of YouTube video content is not what advertisers want in terms of production quality and content. That “disconnect” status created an “unnatural pricing bubble” along with an inflated economy. 

How To Get More REAL YouTube Views 2018: Generate More Views

Promoting Videos on YouTube and Generating Real More Views

1. Content
Good content is not necessarily a winner. While it is great to have a good and professionally built videos, they will not always generate 100,000 or more views. The main goal here is to get to the front page. Headlines: Use provocative headlines (you can always change them later). Try to use attractive keywords such as “viral”, “leaked video”, etc. Titles should be clear, short and smart.Video length:  people usually don’t have time to watch hundreds of lengthy videos out there, so keep your videos short. Great videos can be under 5 minutes (or series of short and consistent clips are good enough) to keep the audience interested and want more. Long clips, slow introductions and boring monologues can be shortened as well to fit the time frame. For example, popular Vine videos are just 6 seconds long. Viewers are watching it over and over again, laughing hysterically each time. Shockingly smart / funny / educational content: create cool and unexpected topic making viewers to explore what will happen next.Actors: pretty faces are also tend to attract more eyeballs / viewers.
  2. Getting into the “Most Popular” status
The core concept of video marketing on YouTube is traffic. There is a significant number of clicks are coming from “Most popular videos” front page. The goal is to get a video on that videos page, which lists the YouTube’s most popular videos every day. When it gets to the front exposure, it will no longer be lost in a sea of other videos for a specific time frame (Day or Week). When done properly, this can be a very effective strategy in video promotion.
Here are few tips to Get More Views on YouTube using social media platforms:Blogs – contact blog owners who run relevant blogs and make an offer (money or other valuable suggestion) to post your embedded videos (similar to PPC approach). Forums – start new thread and embed videos there. Try to initiate big discussion and attract audience to get more video views. Email list – rich out to your friends or subscribers, attach and email your video. Facebook, Twitter  and other social platforms – use popular social platforms to share your videos. Create events or announcements with links pointing back to your video.
 3. Video Tagging
Use strategic tags and unique keywords that will take away your video from related video searches (for a day or week). For example, if your video is about Caribbean vacation promotion, there are probably thousands of related videos. Optimize it with unique keywords and make it less competitive while it appears in “Related Videos” section.
Don’t expect to post a video and become viral by itself. Usually it takes great effort, creativity and hard work to achieve thousands video views on YouTube. When done properly, these marketing techniques will help to attract target audience, devoted followers and will help to generate good income.