How to Track My Website Visitor

How to Track My Website Visitor

This is good question searched by many people on Google search engines.

Well, We are an SEO Company in New York. Many website owners ask us for website report about their visitor location, no. of clicks, keyword name through which visitor landed to their pages, how much time they spend on our site. and why the left.

Well tracking exactly is a difficult task but at somewhat level there are so many Free Tools For Live Website Visitor Tracking are available on the internet with the help of them you can get the all desired information.

In the sea of tracking application, the good and absolutely free Website Visitor Tracking tools are available for you by Google it is Google Webmaster and Google Analytic.

So let me introduce you to our two important website tracking tools below:

Google Analytics : 

Google Analytics is Free Tools For Live Website Visitor Tracking. By this tools, you can track your visitor place, no. of clicks, keywords on which your website is being displayed on Google search.

How to Use Google Analytic? 

Using Google Analytic tool is very simple. Please read the below information: “Although Google provides you information during integration”

  1.  Open a website and signup with your Gmail id.
  2.  Complete the process and instruction given by Google.
  3.  Enter the website URL which you want to track.
  4.  Then Google gives you API code to integration with your all web pages just copy and paste in your web pages before </body> and verify your Google analytics page.
  5.  It will start giving you all detail about your website visitor after 24 hrs.

Google Webmasters

Google Webmasters: For every webmaster, this tool is a boon. You must integrate Google webmaster with your site. It does not only give you visitor information rather this tool provide you the health of your website. If you are doing SEO for your customers or you own a website so you can get a number of information like Number of impression  Keywords impression of Clicks Website Submission Security Information your site contains any malicious script or not.Internal & External Links to your site you can submit your website sitemap in XML.You can control your website pages and folders to display on search engines by robots.txt. Immediately you can turn off display your webpage on search engines.You can do google authorship verification form here…You can check your website health e.g.: Crawl States, Crawl Errors, Blocked URLs, Index Status, Malware etc. In Short, This tools is your control room from your where you can control your website.